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Accredited and experienced therapist trained in a number of modalities. Focus is on the therapeutic relationship, adapting to your needs and style I work with a wide range of clients, issues and backgrounds, adding experience from music and IT.

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Quentin St Clair

I am an experienced therapist trained in a number of modalities. As an integrative therapist I can focus on the experience of the therapeutic relationship and can adapt to your needs and style using my many years of experience working with a wide range of clients with varied issues and backgrounds.

I will help you to experience a warm therapeutic relationship to support the changes you want to make to improve your experience of life. I also use my pre-therapy experience in the music and IT industry in particular to good effect. I work with individuals, couples and young adults mostly. My focus on the relationship is enhanced by my current project using the Imago Clinical techniques.

I am an accredited Psychotherapeutic Counsellor and a trained psychotherapist. I belong to UK Association of Humanistic Psychology Practitioners, part of UKCP humanistic school. I many clinical hours and a similar number in support roles with autistic spectrum, learning difficulties and psychiatric hospital clients. The majority of these are adult 1:1 though also with couples and family therapy and about one third of my hours are with children and young adults (mostly 9-25 year olds) so am experienced in all those forms.

I cover all types of issue from relationships, communication and self-esteem through mood disorders and dependency having worked with drugs, alcohol and gambling in the latter.

I now also offer couples therapy using the Imago methodology using my experience as a traditional couples counsellor and my status as a Trainee Imago Relationship Therapist.

At Your Convenience
Online Services
I am continuing to practice online throughout the current pandemic and various lockdowns.  Unfortunately, I am not currently able to offer face to face consultations and expect this to continue till at least 2nd quarter 2021.
I am offering online sessions for one to one counselling and psychotherapy via Zoom, VSee or WhatsApp.  The sessions are under UK law and supervision and available anywhere in the UK.  Support for non-UK clients can be made by special arrangement.

My training was largely in Transactional Analysis though I also have a Certificate in CBT and training in Gestalt and Person-Centre therapy. I now consider myself to be an Integrative Humanistic Therapist.

I am a UKAHPP Full Member: Accredited Psychotherapeutic Counsellor (Registered) and additionally a member of a register accredited by the Professional Standards Authority (via UKAHPP).

More About Me

Find out a little bit more about my background, qualifications and history, as well as my creative private life.

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  • I wanted to say thank you. The sessions with you have helped me immeasurably. I am coming to the point now where I can accept myself for who I am, both the strengths and the weaknesses. More importantly, the sense of frustration, anger and hatred that I carried with everywhere with me like a millstone, are greatly reduced, still ever present but so are other feelings of hope, love and joy. For this I must thank you.

    Age: 19
  • Thanks again for the session on Friday. I’ve felt much better since. Like I said, even know I was probably aware of the things we talked about, having it written on paper etc made it much more interesting and it’s very insightful. I went on to spend the rest of the weekend indulging in my rebelliousness.

    Age: 21
  • I want to say thank you for everything, u r amazing, cheers mate it means a lot x

    Age: 15
  • From Worst To Best (My Journey) – Then something happened, something changed. My life-line came, time re-arranged. Panic was replaced by peace. Sharing helped relieve the grief. Kindness made me smile again. At last I finally parked the shame… I feel young, I feel free. At long last I can be me! So with hand on heart and the greatest respect, Quentin St.Clair, you are the best

    Age: 50
  • Thank you for all the help you gave me with the sessions we had together.

    Age: 21

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